Dear Concerned Canuck Fans

Dear Concerned Canuck Fans,

May I ask that you stop yourself from pressing that panic button so quickly when things are going your way? Yes the Canucks have gotten themselves into 0-2 comeback trail BUT it is not a completely impossible situation. Yes this happened last season but the end result does not have to be the same. Teams have comeback from the 2-0 deficit before: Detroit against the Canucks in the 2002 quarterfinals, Pittsburgh in the 2009 Stanley Cup finals, and of course the Boston Bruins in the 2011 Stanley Cup finals to name a few of the comeback kids. Does this mean the Canucks will win the series, no BUT it doesn’t mean they cannot win the series either. Would it hurt everyone to try to believe that it is possible?

Have you heard of this small thing called positivity and the fact that it can go a LONG way? Why not believe that they CAN win and build upon the positive things they did in game two [the beast known as KESLER, strong goal-tending, and most importantly they NEED to score GOALS!]

I have but ONE request for all you Canuck fans, DO NOT hit the panic button yet. When the boys hit the ice tonight instead of listening to ALL the negativity that has picked up speed with the help of social media, TRY cheering for our TEAM, you might be surprised by what you see. Do not give up on this team just yet, real fans do not walk away from their team when the going gets tough.

When the going gets tough, you do NOT give up on your team, you cheer LOUDER! #GOCANUCKGO

When the going gets tough, you do NOT give up on your team, you cheer LOUDER! #GOCANUCKGO

I hope that when the team hits the ice tonight, you will join ME in cheering for the Canucks! Game 3 starts just after 7:00 PM[pacific time!] and I hope you will be showing our team your support!

No matter what happens throughout the remainder of this series, I will now and always be through and through a #Canucklehead!


As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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