Game 3 turnaround & those pesky #Bandwagoners

This post is a little late, yes its true. A crazy work schedule will do that to a person. The NHL season is under way and teams are beginning to take shape. Streaks, good and bad are making themselves known. Has your team made it into the win column yet? Has your favourite player been struck down with a long-term injury? Do you understand the new rules…or new penalties[concealing the puck!]? Are you tired yet of hearing about the band-wagoners? Have you had any luck at getting to the arena to see your team play? These are just a few of the story lines that are affecting all the teams as the season is now in session.

Getting back to business regarding the Canucks, they have had many story lines of their own. David Booth is out for another 4-5 weeks with a groin strain. Kesler is expected back on the ice within the next week [but his return to the lineup is still a few weeks away]. Zack Kassian has become a sensation with the fans due his consistent play and beauty of a shootout goal to WIN the first game for the Canucks. Yes, my Canucks made it to the win column and I was there to see it live in the arena with my mom and sisters. There is something special about being in the arena when your team earns their first WIN of the year.

You all know how much I love watching the game…and when the chance to see the Canucks play live at Rogers Arena came up…how could I say no?! January 23rd the Canucks played host to the Calgary Flames. We arrived and people scattered throughout the arena as slowly people made their way to their seats. Just before the clock struck 6:30 the Canucks and Flames hit the ice for pre-game warmups.

Canucks/Flames pre-game warm-ups January 23rd 2013

Canucks/Flames pre-game warm-ups January 23rd 2013. Do you recognize some faces?

As the warm-ups progressed, the seats around the arena began to fill up and the excitement level got louder. Warmups ended and the countdown to puck drop began. The lights went down and suddenly seats that were empty were filled….filled with fans like these:

Jess & Abs or as they call themselves #thetwins

Jess & Abs or as they call themselves #thetwins

abs & jess putting on their best #sedinery

abs & jess putting on their best #sedinery

the two biggest Canuck fan there mom & me!

Not to be left out of the fun…the two biggest Canuck fan there are….my mom & me!

The puck finally drops and loud cheers ensue as both teams are off to the races. I should mention that prior to this game both teams were 0-2…and neither wanted to start the year 0-3. Each time the Canucks touched the puck, the crowd got louder and more excited anticipating the goals to be scored. The Canucks dominated the first period, holding Calgary at bay. Despite the Canucks best efforts, the period ended scoreless. As always when a period ends, people leave their seats for drink refills, snacks, and of course stopping at the Team store for the awesome fan deals! The tension in the building rose as the second period began and both teams exchanged goals. The fans in the stadium were quick to their feet when the Canucks scored goals two minutes apart from Raymond and Kassian. The energy in the building was electric. The tides turned then as the home team began a parade to the penalty box….giving Calgary two back to back 5-on-3 powerplays! Those powerplays led to Calgary tying up the game much to chagrin of the all the Canucks fans. The Flames fans in our section were ecstatic. The period ended the way it began…tied. The third period was intense with 18,000+ fans on the edge of their seats anticipating each pass, cheering for each rush and expressing distaste with every Calgary attempt to steal the game. There were ups and downs for both teams, but at the end of the day they were both desperate for the win. Every point is important in a shortened season and neither had the start to the year that they had hoped. The game ended tied….with everyone whispering that they hoped for a quick goal….which of course as you know did not happen. Overtime ended just as regulation had, tied at 2. Cue the shootout…and everyone person in the stands expressing their excitement or distaste for shootouts. And let me just say that while watching a shootout on TV is intense…the intensity level live is so much higher. 18,000+ fans standing in anticipation of each shooter….fingers crossed that the home team would prevail. The shootout began well with BURROWS scoring….and the crowd going wild! While the Canucks scored first….Calgary’s Tanguay also scored…tying the teams once more…forcing the sudden death shootout to continue to four and then five rounds. KASSIAN scored a beauty….and Glenn Close[**I mean Glencross] was stopped and pandemonium ensued….the entire arena was on their feet and screaming ZACK ZACK ZACK…and of course for Cory to who held his own stopping 4 of 5 in the shootout. It was an incredible game to go to…and be a part of the crowd seeing the Canucks win their first home game and first game overall of 2013. It was a very memorable game. I cannot wait to see what else the season holds for the team this season!! #GoCanucksGo

KASSIAN SCORES in the 5th round of the shootout, Schneider stops Glencross & the CANUCKS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 23rd. KASSIAN SCORES in the 5th round of the shootout, Schneider stops Glencross & the CANUCKS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [WIN 3-2 in a shootout]

#winning #happyfans

HUGE WIN…so happy to have been in the crowd! #winning #happyfan

Now back to those band-wagoners. I don’t know about you, but I hate being called a band wagoner or asked if I’m back on the bandwagon now that the lockout is over. No, I am not back on the bandwagon, I was never on the bandwagon. I never stopped being a fan of the game. Was I a fan of the lockout? No, but I was still a fan of the game that is hockey. I also never stopped being a fan of the team just because they were not playing. So no, I am not back on the bandwagon…the bandwagon is reserved for those who cheer once in a while, only during playoffs, or those who cheer only when things are going well. This kid is fan through and through of my Canucks, win or lose, every game, every season.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

P.S. Last night the Canucks had a rematch with the Ducks in Anaheim. My #Canucks played their first road game and dominated. They ruffled some feathers…and stole a victory from the home team by the score of 5-0! After being embarrassed in their home opener by the Ducks….the Canucks were looking to spoil the Ducks home opener and did just that. Heck…their powerplay was unbelievable as Anaheim got into some penalty trouble[ahem….Corey Perry]! #GoCanucksGo!

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