And now we wait…

Fans around the globe are holding their colllective breath as all eyes on are the NHLPA as they are expected to respond to the NHL’s 50/50 offer in today’s Toronto meeting. Today marks possibly the most significant stage of CBA negotiations. Today either the NHLPA will accept the new deal [with a tweak or two to insure that 50/50 really means 50/50!] or the debate continues. Rumor has it that BOTH sides are bringing in the big guns..for the players that group will consist of 18 players, including: Crosby, Toews, Doan, Iginla & Eric Staal. The meeting is now expected to take place at 11:30AM Pacific time[2:30PM Eastern time]. I hope that whatever the discussion that occurs between the two sides…that they come to an agreement that BOTH can live with and gets the players back on the ice November 2nd! #endthelockout

Perhaps one hopeful fan[Barry Murphy] has captured it best with his desperate attempt to get an audience with Fehr & Bettman. Perhaps this sign he brought will capture their attention or perhaps his twitter handle @hockeyfansunite will rattle them? good luck Barry!!

Desperate times make for desperate measures…one hockey hungry fan was camped out early at the NHLPA offices in Toronto this morning with this sign…calling Gary Bettman & Donald Fehr…can you hear us???

Here’s hoping that the meeting today actually produces a new deal with 82 games having been cancelled already…a season starting on November 2nd would secure an 82 game schedule for EACH team! #endthelockout #wewanthockeyback

Until this afternoon’s meeting wraps…hockey fans everywhere will all be anxiously waiting to hear the result. Will we get a full hockey season beginning November 2? Lets get this deal signed, sealed and delivered ….and now we wait. Back to you, Gary and Donald. #fingerscrossed

Until next time which is hopefully later today and we get that long awaited announecment of #hockeyreturning, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

P.S. Congratulations to Zack Kassian & company in leading the Chicago Wolves to their 3rd WIN of the season! Those pesky #wolves are now 3-0 on the year…good luck in Abbotsford this weekend…#GoWolvesGo

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