Rumor has it that while Bettman’s number is up…that HOCKEY will be BACK by NOVEMBER!!! ….the NHL has officially tendered a NEW offer to the NHLPA that would give both sides 50/50 split contingent on an 82 game season that WOULD begin November 2 IF the players agree. The jury is still out on whether the PA will agree…but you can almost hear a sigh of relief that an ACTUAL offer was made in today’s meeting. PLEASE NHLPA…let’s really think about this…you could ALL be back playing in 2 weeks & still have an 82 game season!! I have been very vocal about my dislike of this current lockout…..this is the FIRST time that an offer made has REAL potential to be accepted by BOTH sides! THIS deal would last for up to 6 years AND it means a FULL 82 game season NOT a shortened one!

Did I [& many others!] not suggest many times previously that the only way to really negotiate this latest CBA would be a 50/50 split? Why…yes, yes I did. This is the first time since these negotiations began back in the summer that I feel there is potential for a new deal to be signed, sealed & delivered VERY soon. I think the players will want to take a closer look at this deal in detail before they consider it as a solution…but it is encouraging to see an actual offer be tabled. Let’s hope they do not take too long in their consideration as if they do sign…they could be back on the ice by NOVEMBER 2!!!! Come on…who doesn’t want hockey back soon?  The offer is on the table…your move NHLPA….please do not wait too long to get back to playing the game you all love.

The word lockout is not a welcome one in my vocabulary. Yet it has forced its way into it…and FINALLY we have an offer that has potential on the table….time to get back on ice BOYS because the puck cannot slap itself….#isitNovember2ndYET

The word ‘lockout’ has been forced into the vocabulary and reality of NHL fans three times in the last 18 years….and each time it was GB with the announcement. One would think that if HE cannot get the players to agree to this latest offer or worse takes away the entire year….that his days are not only numbered but finished. There will be a push or counter proposal that comes from the PA soon…but this 50/50 split gives the PA a place to make real progress. I hope the PA realizes that the this latest offer is where things will eventually end up a 50/50 split. This offer also has no immediate rollback. This offer is the first one that is one that seems like real PROGRESS!!! FINALLY! Let’s get this deal & probably counter offer done followed by a new CBA PLEASE!!!!!!!! This is finally some real negotiating!!!!!!!!!! I know that this deal is probably not perfect….but it really is the first time that feels like hockey could be back SOON…as in NOVEMBER. I think it is best for all parties to get this deal done STAT. The PA now holds the cards….the question is how will they play them? Is this 50/50 split really a 50/50 split? If so, then it means that Bettman is finally taking one for the team and moving the league forward…if not…I think it is good-bye Gary!

There are still many questions that will be addressed regarding this latest offer and what is sure to be the PA’s counter-offer…but in this moment it is refreshing to hear of actual progress in the great CBA debate. I don’t know about you….but I really want hockey back..and this deal could get it back as soon as NOVEMBER 2 with NO games lost!…Rumor has it that the NHL is already in contact with all in teams in regards to getting additional dates in order to accommodate an edited 82 game regular season schedule. This offer would get the season sooner than most expected. The NHL has made their offer…and now its up the NHLPA as to how they will respond. Donald Fehr is expected to meet with the players this afternoon. Whatever happens in regards to a counter-offer…I really hope it is a short cordial give and take so that WE the fans get back the game we all love. This offer brings the opportunity to salvage not just part of the season but the ENTIRE season. I have never given in to the belief that the season was over…and this could be the move that makes the season a reality. Now, once again all we can do is wait. Wait and see. #EndtheLOCKOUT #BringBackHockey #isitNovember2Yet

As always, until next time[when hopefully I can be sharing the news of the 2012-2013 season being back on and no more lockout!] nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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