Hello & good-bye to what was supposed to be. Today is October 11th. Today marks what should be the start of the regular season in the NHL. Today should be the day that I begin all my crazed hockey rituals that drive my family insane. Today is supposed to game day. Game day means team colors all day long paired with my jersey! Today the entire city should be taken over by team colors…and local media looking to predict how each player will perform. The city should be basking in the excitement that comes with the opening day of the season! Opening day brings hope for every fan that their team has the potential to go all the way. The first game of the season means anything is possible. Today my #Canucks and five other teams were supposed to be starting their season -including the Stanley Cup winning Kings…who were supposed hang their championship banner as is tradition. Today was supposed to mark the beginning of another incredible season yet to come with the ending unknown. Yes the season’s ending is still unknown…but the certainty of the season taking place still hangs in the balance. Today is not supposed to be a day of cancelled games…today is supposed to be the start the wonderful unpredictability that is the regular season in the NHL. Today is being called ‘Black Thursday’ by the sports media to describe the feeling around the league in regards to what were supposed to be tonight’s games.  Instead of players discussing their excitement at tonight’s prospects and the long haul that is regular season…they all seem to be looking at a shortened season & the Winter Classic puck drop as the starting point. #BlackThursday is not a trend that is making any one happy…especially the fans. Yes the players and league executives are disappointed about the lost games…but until BOTH sides can see beyond the numbers and into a REAL discussion, they cannot move forward.

Yesterday the NHL and the NHLPA met for 5 hours and are meeting again this morning. Rumor has that while there has been little or no progress in the 3 + weeks since the lockout was enforced…that the NHLPA will be the one to blink first as they are reportedly  preparing to make yet another proposal. We’ll have to wait and see as negotiations continue to drone on as to just who really wants the game back….because while they all might say they want to see the game back on there is ONE group that certainly wants the game back sooner than later. The FANS of course! The fans deserve better. The fans deserve to not endure any more lost games. Give the fans back the regular season after the 24th…!

#EndtheLockout #gettheseasonBACKonTRACK

Today was supposed to be the beginning but thanks to an announcement by GB it is not. Please tell me that REAL progress occurs during this latest round of meetings! Lets cross our fingers and hope that both sides can come together in the next few weeks and make some REAL progress in the new CBA before more games are lost. #82isenough…let’s get the season started again! #nomoreBlackThursday!

I don’t know about the rest of the fans out there…but I am tired of both sides fighting over words and policies….I just miss the game we all love. I am tired of this horrible lockout state. I miss hockey, bring it back. The  only ones who can grant this wish are the ones disagreeing over who is right. #timeforrealconversations today! As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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