Players plan ahead +CBA talks continue + Hockey is more than a game

The ever pressing possibility of a lockout has many NHL players looking to ‘back-up plans’. Rumor has it that Evgeni Malkin is in talks with various KHL clubs looking into playing in a ‘week-by-week’ set up in the case of a lockout which would allow him to return to the NHL should the lockout be short-term. Steven Stamkos and teammate Martin St.Louis have reportedly considered playing in Europe in the event of a lockout and they believe that should the lockout be an extended one that other NHL players will also look to Europe. The players do want to lose a year of playing hockey due to being locked out. No one wants the lockout to happen but in the event of one, most would like to keep themselves and their skills viable while the CBA situation gets sorted out.

CBA talks ended between the NHL and the NHLPA after 45 minutes with Fehr and Bettman simply stating that both sides would most likely meet again this afternoon. Fehr was going to update the players both in NYC and those who could not be there on the outcome of this morning’s meeting. Bettman and the NHL made a counter-proposal that they feel is significantly different then before…but the question remains how will the players see this new offer? Will they see it as a resolution or distrust the league once again? It reportedly is only for 6 years which means that in 6 years they will be right back in this square debating the same issues all over again. Mind you if both sides can finally find some common ground before the 15th, it wouldn’t matter the term of the agreement but rather it would just be nice to watch hockey once more.

Imagine hockey was never to be played again anywhere…in any league….can you picture it? I cannot picture it…now that I’ve fully embrace hockey and all its personality it is impossible to think it being never more. It will return whether it is on time, delayed for short-term or delayed in October 2013…but it will return eventually.

Rumor has it that the city of Glendale in Phoenix is pushing to extend their arena deal with the NHL for another month which would give Jamison the extra time he needs to get the final investors he needs in buying the Coyotes.

Rumor also has it the Detroit Red Wings are looking in to more than one defenseman to help fill the void left behind in Lidstrom’s retiring. They reportedly made a 2-year offer to Carlo Colaiacovo and expressed an interest in Michal Rozsival, Brett Clark and Mark Eaton. Lidstrom retiring has left a void in the strong Red Wing defence but it also presents the opportunity for someone to step up and do the unexpected.

The great thing about hockey is that every game allows a different player to showcase their unique ability and presents each player or team, the chance to rise above the expected. The under dogs take on the ‘supposed’ best and beat them soundly or a player that was never drafted becomes an all-out superstar. Each game[and each season] presents a new slate and you never know what might happen. You might have expectations for a game or series but somehow those always change with each game. A game might look like its finished and then suddenly in the final minute or final seconds your team TIES it…and then OT/and a shootout later determines that your team won a game that looked like a sure defeat. Or a player returns from an extended injury recovery…and plays like they never missed a game. Or the game that clinches a team’s playoff berth…the arena gets extremely animated. You see, there are so many great moments not just throughout the entire season, but within ONE game. It is about more than the x’s and o’s, it’s about how one single moment can change the way you view the entire game or how the game can unite fans around the world. PLEASE…let us have the WHOLE season Bettman, Fehr, Executives & Players. Get a deal done on time. The fans deserve the season not another lockout.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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