Female Hockey Fans

So many things have been stereotyped in sports specifically female fans. It aggravates me to no end to read endless articles on the matter that suggest that female fans of a particular sport are not really fans of the sports so much as they like the ‘cute outfits’ ‘cute players’ or simply there to impress someone. It seems impossible that a girl or woman might actually know a thing or two about the game they are actually watching not just merely there for personal gain. Some can quote the rules and stats backwards and forwards. It is ridiculous to lump all of us into the category of “puck bunny” or those girls who just want attention whereas us female fans just want to enjoy the game we love to watch & talk about it without having people look at us skeptically as though we haven’t got a clue. We might just surprise you with the things we understand. There are female fans of the game who actually knowledgeable about the game they are watching. We don’t buy the ‘cutesie’ pink jersey…no we buy a real jersey(team colors) with a player’s name & number. We simply fit in the group of ‘real fans’..and that is all. Nuck said.

Sarah E.L.


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